Meet Dinah

I am a nerd who is passionate about any number of things, from Harry Potter to traveling to enjoying a good cup of tea. I have traveled the US, lived in Scotland, and trekked across China. Everywhere I go, I learn a little more about the art of enjoying a cup of tea and sometimes even bring a little home with me. My love for tea has inspired some of my travels and helped relieve many of the tensions in my life. It has helped bring me closer to my friends and introduced me to new acquaintances.

As a fan of the Harry Potter series, I learned about Wizard Rock (music inspired by the books) and the Harry Potter Alliance (a non-profit founded on the principles in the books), both of which stole my heart and much of my free time. This community introduced me to the closest friends I have ever had and the most honest and inspiring people I have ever known.

So, when it comes down to it, what is there to really say about myself? Not a whole lot. I love to travel and drink tea. I enjoy reading a good book and enjoy discussing it with others even more. Most of all, I just enjoy being myself and living my life. What could be better than that?