Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Awesome(ly Nerdy)!

So... the other day, there was a random reference to Pokemon by James. This reminded me of how I used to collect Pokemon cards when I was in middle school and then again not long after I started at University. Tonight, I looked over and saw the cabinet in which I have stored these items for the past couple years, taking them out to reminisce over every so often.

So I opened it and started giggling, looking at all that filled it. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy these little things in my life. I started pulling things out, looking through my toys one sort at a time. I started with my Pokemon cards. I have a rather large binder filled with them. I have a couple long cardboard boxes filled with more. I have a couple decks that I had built in individual cases. I have more just stashed around that didn't fit anywhere else. What I had nearly forgotten about, however, were my "special" Pokemon cards. Well, they're special to me. I once saw on eBay, an unopened box of 1st Edition base set cards... wait for it German! I bought it and had more fun opening those booster packs than I had ever had in the past! I now have almost the entire base set in German but for a few cards that happened to not be in that box. Additionally, I had purchased a couple starter decks in German... both from the Fossil set.

To continue, I next took a quick peek at my old Magic cards. I don't have many, but it gave me a good laugh at how I got many of them. You see, I had a Swamp deck back in my day. I didn't have many cards and wanted to make my deck better, so I went around to my brothers and step brother to see if they wanted to give me any. My step brother, in particular, was very helpful. He had a bunch scattered in his desk drawer. Of course, it turned out that he used to stash is illicit green smoking substances (XD) in that drawer. So I ended up with a ton of cards that smelled strongly of marijuana. Cracked me up.

Anyways, so then it was time to look through my Harry Potter TCG cards. I have a binder filled with some from each set I have (my old 'Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion' binder with a Potterpuff image on the cover). In addition, I have a two player starter set, an old box from the Diagon Alley set, my own deck (Quidditch and Potions headed by Oliver Wood), and a slew of unopened booster packs!

I have officially decided that I will not yet open these booster packs but wait until one of two things: either LeakyCon or when James comes to visit (hopefully with Christie in tow for the weekend!). Either way, it will be so much more fun with friends who are as crazy about HP fun as I am and I'm already excited!

So the whole time I was going through these things of mine, I kept thinking to myself, "I'm awesome! I love this stuff! How can that not be awesome!?"

If you'd like to look at many more pictures of these things, check out the album here!


  1. Ah Magic cards :D I had loads of those. I loved the artwork. I had a big collection online too. I also had sim city card game :D Looking forward to seeing you soon and i hope the weekend will plan out like that too!

  2. I've got a handful of "Nintendo Power subscriber special" Pokemon cards. If you want them, remind me to bring them to Wrockstock (or LeakyCon in the off chance I make it there) and you can have them.

    And there was a HP TCG? Never heard of that. I do have a good number of Magic cards though.

  3. My pokemon cards still reside in my parents' basement.
    Though I certainly have a crapton of magic cards here in Chico.

    Yay for nerdiness!

  4. Omg, awesome! I've got a couple of Magic cards hanging about! Island decks ftw although I am CRAP at that game. Vic keeps beating me. Not sure where my Pokémon cards are... They'll probably turn up eventually; they always do. My favourites are my Digimon cards, though. I have a MarineAngemon, which is like the best card! :O I love Digimon. XD Yay for cards.