Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Wild Night

Okay.... so last night was freaking awesome. Janae made it here not long before 10pm, so it was easy and fine to just head out pretty much right away. I had given much thought to where I would take her because it was her first time going out drinking since turning 21 earlier this week. The way I saw it... I had to give her a true Chico experience, so to the U Bar it was. For those who read this and don't live in Chico (which I think is everyone, actually), the U Bar is something of a dive, but one that's actually pretty decent. The drinks are cheap, but not terrible. So it works out well in the end.

Anyways, we started at the U Bar, I had been waning more and more all day, so I started the night with a Jager Blaster followed immediately by a Long Island. Janae decided to stick with fruity cocktails and got some kind of strawberry drink. Then I saw a friend of mine, so we sat with him and his other friend and chatted a bit. After finishing our drinks, we decided it was time to move on. We went to Panama's, but it was particularly lame, busy, and smoky all at once, so we just left and headed to Duffy's where Janae had another cocktail and we had a good time chatting. Then, to keep up with the Chico spirit, we went by the Bear. It's not a very fun place to go at night, I find... but I felt like it was part of the experience. It was just waters for us there and then we left and hit Normal St. because it is right around the corner from the Bear. By chance I ran into some old friends I hadn't seen in many, many months and that's when the night got particularly interesting.

Heidi and her boyfriend started buying me more and more drinks. And all of them had Jager. I had a Jager Bomb (like the Blaster, but pre-combined) and a half followed by a Red-Headed Slut (or something like that... I don't really remember the name because by then I was pretty well inebriated). At this point, I ran into Matty and when Heidi and Anthony decided to head to Panama's, Janae and I joined with Matty in tow. At Panama's we just had a couple glasses of water and did a good bit of dancing.

And now that I'm typing all this up, it sounds pretty lame. But we had a great time. Janae and I came home, had some more water, and put on Mr. and Mrs. Smith to fall asleep to. My bladder woke me around 5am and the Janae's stomach woke her just after. It took a couple hours for Janae to be better again, but she got a little more sleep and ate a bit of toast (my personal stomach quencher) and headed back up to Redding.

Apparently, when we got back from the bars, I did a little bit of Facebook updating and wall posting. Awesome. XD


  1. Ok i wanna try a red-headed slut! HAHAHA :-) The U Bar sounds like Harrys were i used to work a dive but a great one! Im reading this as a sort of preview for my visit :-)

  2. Question: How well do you hold Jagermeister? XD

  3. omg dinah. You were so wrecked. Great. The films that you half watch at the weirdest times are the best don't you think? I always end up watching American Dad and it feeds into the most psychedelic dreams.

  4. Wait. You "Blech"ed at me for drinking Everclear and you're downing Jager Bombs? o_O My everclear & fruit punch is a thousand times more drinkable than anything with Jager. Personal taste, I guess? ;)

    And bagels or matzos with ginger ale is my hangover killer of choice (though I may have had toast once or twice when there were neither bagels nor matzos readily available)