Sunday, August 30, 2009

Never Happier to be Clean

This has been an extremely long week. Worked 50 hours in the office, but am still behind on my project to the point where my boss is unhappy, had to change my sleep schedule to start getting to work around 4-4:30 am, had to tech the show, which would keep me awake far longer than I wanted to be up when I had to go to work so early, and to top it off, I couldn't make it to HC84 because it was far away and I had to run the show.

So last night's party was a very welcome thing. However, it wasn't just any old party. It was a Food Fight party. Everyone brought a token messy/sticky/squishy food item for the fight and we stashed them on tables in the backyard. At 11:30, all of us in our food fight clothes, rearing and ready (and drunk) for the food fight gathered in the center of the grass. On the count of three, we all made mad dashes for the various containers of food around us. It was a mad five minutes of throwing glop around, grabbing mashed potatoes and smashing it into peoples' hair, smearing spaghetti and red sauce across someone's shirt, picking up chunks that were on the ground and throwing them back into the chaos.

Holy freaking crap, it was a lot of fun.

To wash off, a bunch of us jumped into the pool and continued having a blast. There were also a couple people hosing everyone else off. Despite all the hosing, dousing, swimming, etc.... when I woke up this morning, I had dried mashed potatoes and other unknown food remains in my hair. Best. Shower. Ever.

Will definitely grab and post pictures from last night as soon as people get them up on Facebook.

I think last night was the most fun I've had in a very long time with the possible exception of a certain roof excursion at Azkatraz. But it's definitely a close call.

I can't wait for Wrockstock to blow this out of the water. Because I'll be damned if it doesn't!


  1. Dear Dinah, I love you. Why I have never been involved in such a food fight I have no idea, but I now see that my life is sorely lacking.

    And dude, WRockstock will blow that out of the water if for no other reason than we will be together with lots of alcohol. :)

  2. Your friends will make sure Wrockstock blows it out of the water!!

    Glad to hear you are also having fun. Sounds like you are burning the candle at both ends!!
    Work hard and play hard. Its a good moto :)