Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Update After a Long Time

I recently realized how ridiculously long it's been since I've done any kind of blogging here. A lot has happened in the meantime:

  • My opinion article turned fiasco

  • Azkatraz

  • Running two productions at my local theatre (still running the second one now)

  • Freya went to Europe for two weeks

  • Preparing as much as possible for the Daily Wrocket

  • I moved out of my old house

  • Staying with my grandma until the next place is ready

  • Continuing to work anywhere between 42 and 50 hours a week

I'm sure there's more, but I'm having trouble remembering more than that right now. It's pretty ridiculous, to be honest.

In any case, I've been doing a lot of thinking about a whole ton of stuff lately. Among these things is where the Wizard Rock Community is right now and what the future of it is. It's a terribly interesting train of thought and I'm working on writing up a few things about it right now. None of them are quite ready and I'm still trying to decide where I want to post them. One option I've been considering is re-instating my bi-weekly "Straight From the Dinah Saur's Mouth" column, but I have yet to determine whether or not I'll have time for that, what with the Daily Wrocket coming along so swiftly. We'll see.

Speaking of the Daily Wrocket, I've got a decent amount of the information for the website itself written. I'm collecting Wizard Rock email addresses and interviews to make my writing about them better and more interesting, but I'm slacking on actually getting write-ups written so far. I need to just sit down one day and start going through what I've got, listening to music, and writing my thoughts on what's going on. Hopefully I'll have time to do this sometime this weekend. Hell, I should just make time for it. It's the only way I'm going to get anything done. I can write about the bands I have interviews from and even do some write-ups on bands that haven't been active in an extremely long time. I don't anticipate getting a response from any of them regarding interviews, but that doesn't mean I don't have enough fodder to write about them!

I've purchased the domain name and have an email all set up. I just need to get the domain name linked to my blog (which is proving to be troublesome at this point, I think I just need to actually call their customer service on this one). Also, my lovely Aelfie is designing banners, icons, and the like for me. Once I have those, I plan on getting the web design set up (with the help of the ever-awesome Aaron, who also does the web design for the 'Pedia), and to start using social networking sites to begin promoting. By then, all the info pages will be up on the website and maybe I'll post occasional thoughts about my progress prior to the official launch to keep people updated and interested.

Well, I really ought to get going now. I just thought I'd give a basic update now that I have thought about it! Hope you're all having a wonderful day and that everything is awesome in your lives!


  1. First, I thought you should know that I read both the article and the ensuing fiasco. My reaction was, well, from what I could tell unique: with the amount of passion surrounding the (I guess) debate, and the level of maturity and understanding (even when in disagreement) made me think that you had a beautifully tight-knit and respecting community, and that was something I could appreciate.

    Second, I am working on the arts, and so far, I don't like them yet. I mean, they're getting there, so, it shouldn't be too much longer, but they're not there yet.

    Third, if you couldn't tell, this is Aelfie.

    Fourth, I love you. Just thought you should know. =]

  2. The DailyWrocket will be absolutely fantastic - make it as REAL as you can and I know it might make you a little infamous but I like it when you're honest and objective. Sometimes we aren't honest enough in Wizard Rock...

  3. Dinah, I didn't read all of your article nor did I stay up to date on the comments, but as opinion articles go that's just it. They're based in opinion. As far as I'm concerned you were expressing your opinion, something that in wizard rock can get you into a lot of trouble. I often feel like you aren't allowed to do it except in order to praise someone else. It's one of the many things that led me to my ultimate decision of giving up webmastering the 'pedia.

    There are many things about the community that people think are important but will ultimately drive a lot of people away.

    My two cents.

    You shouldn't let it keep you from expressing your opinion in the future. I thought you had some really awesome points. But, of course, I'm not a part of the bandwagon anymore.

  4. Lizz, your two cents make a lot of sense. And after reading your thoughts regarding having original opinions in Wizard Rock... I think you'll greatly enjoy the Daily Wrocket once it's officially up and running! I'll be challenging some pre-set Wrock notions regarding not expressing opinions that aren't completely made of sunshine and lollipops. So this should be fun! ;)

  5. Let me know if you want any help with it, or need some backup ;-)

  6. I will totally keep you on the up and up. ;)

    I don't anticipate too many issues, but then again, I felt the same way about that Pmouths article. XD