Friday, November 13, 2009

The Daily Wrocket and What I've Been Up To... Not Much

Today is Day 7 of the Daily Wrocket. Holy criminy, that's exciting!

As supportive as the Wizard Rock Community always has been, I am still in a state of shock to see the number of readers, the comments, the messages from friends and strangers. I always knew I would have a small readership. I have friends who had every intention of reading daily from the get-go. Some of these friends are Wrock fans, some are interested in the concept of Wrock, and some just wanted to support my endeavors. So I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me from the beginning of my work on this project. And I want to say thank you even more vehemently to everyone who has been reading the Wrocket since it's launch. Your interest and support is so amazing to me!

Additionally, the Wrocket launch party at Wrockstock was beyond amazing!
I spread the word on it as much as I could. Unfortunately, I know of some people who couldn't make it to the party because they didn't hear about it until after the fact, but I swear I tried to tell everyone! I honestly expected maybe up to 30 or 40 people over the course of the night, but in the end, there were well over 100 attendees! WOW! It felt like everyone still awake at Wrockstock that night was there. Thank you so much to my friends in the cabin that allowed me to host the party there. And thank you to everyone who attended for keeping things under control, the noise level down, and the mess to a minimum for a party of that size.

As for the rest of my life... I'm just keeping busy, as usual. Working full time, working on the 'Pedia, writing the Wrocket, having dinner-and-a-movie nights with friends, working at my local theatre. The funny thing is that I'm actually doing less now than I was just a couple months ago. I'm totally cutting down. Nothing prevents me from desperately missing my Wizard people, though.

Other than that, just the usual financial stress. Nothing new there, just as terrifying and anxiety-inducing as ever.


  1. Under busy in the dictionary is your photo. I hate money its evil. Your party was brilliant. Miss you x

  2. So you like Harry Potter. I used to fancy Hermione, not Emma Watson but the character in the books.