Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can you say Busy!?

Bwahahaha! Just realized I haven't updated for a while now. And that the last thing I wrote about was how frustrated I was that people assume I'm slutty. If only they knew what my actual love life was like. Non-existant. Hahaha. Fools!

In any case, I did just update my youtube for the first time in even longer than this blog, as well. I guess I'm in sharing mode. Awesome!

So, I think my favorite part about writing the Daily Wrocket is the fact that even I am learning about new bands! Sure, most of it still consists of bands I've at least heard of prior to choosing to write about them, but there have been a couple where I knew nothing about the band but their name and the fact that they had at least one song of at least a minute in length. I don't always know what to say about a band, but that's part of what makes this all so interesting. I just get going until I hit on something I want to expand on. It's been a blast, to say the least. And now I'm starting to get more guest writers! People are eager to write editorials and album reviews. It's been amazing. Seriously!

Other than that, I've been doing some more work with the HPA. While I'm technically not a staff member right now, I'm going to be helping lead some awesome fandom research. The team I'm leading is the Joss Whedon team, naturally. And for an HPA event this weekend, I'm currently in the process of contacting the entire cast and crew of "The Guild". So I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be hearing back from some of them soon and we'll be able to start building relationships across the fandom barriers! And yes, I know "The Guild" is not technically part of the Joss Whedon fandom, but it is a creation of Felicia Day (who also stars in the web-series), who is one of the actresses Joss keeps bringing back for multiple projects. That's legitimate enough of a connection for me! So there! Besides, I'm more than eager to actually connect with some of the cast and crew if at all possible. They're all freaking awesome and that's a fact!

In any case, I'm just keeping busy as a general rule. Things currently on the docket: work (full-time.... yay?), knitting group every Tuesday (with some seriously awesome little old ladies!), a movie night with friends around once a week, the Daily Wrocket (every day!), the Wizrocklopedia, about to start a new tabletop game with friends (every other Wednesday), lead the Joss Whedon fandom research team, occasional House Managing at my theatre, finish filing my taxes, finish paying off Anna (who is the reason I was able to make it to Wrockstock!), start saving up for a car, start saving up for the various weddings I've been invited to this year (including one that I'm in), start saving up for Wrockstock, and somehow manage to make it down to Lake Havasu to visit my Dad, step-mom, and little brothers!

Wow... when I list it all out like that, it's.... a little scary. I think I do too much. Hahahah. Ah well. At least I'm having a good time, right?

Well, that about wraps it up for me right now.


  1. YAY KNITTING. I wish my knitting group still met on a regular basis. You should post pictures of your projects!

    Also, re: weddings - didn't you mention a wedding in Vegas??? Let me know! I can't tell you how much I'd love to see you!

  2. Oh man, anything even remotely related to Whedon is a win. Epically.

    This article would amuse you, methinks: