Monday, April 6, 2009

Cannibal: The Musical

So I'm doing some tech for a show called "Cannibal: The Musical"... Freaking hilarious. Tonight was the first time we had any actual tech. I'm running the follow spot. But let me tell you... it is the jankiest form of follow spot that I can possibly imagine.

To begin with, it's not actually a spot light. It sticks, it gets very hot and has no handle, and the aiming is freaking awkward as hell! Oh... and I haven't even mentioned the best part. There is some kind of giant power thingy with a huge, extremely noisy dial that turns the light on and off. I have to do that every time the light goes on or off... and some cues are pretty fast, meaning it's even louder. We're going to try and WD-40 it tomorrow, but we really don't know if it'll even make a difference. Bah!

But the show is really coming together and should be a blast. We open on Friday night! Yay!

Okay, now I really just need to get some sleep. :P

1 comment:

  1. Oh the joys of teching on shows! Is the director making any obscene demands. e.g. Can the lead float onto the stage into a field of smoke? lol