Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Nice Day

I nearly forgot to write this blog! I told James I would, so I feel obligated to now. XD

So today has been interesting, but is ending quite nicely. It started with the lovely ability to sleep in for nearly an extra hour complete. That alone should have been enough to make my day glorious! However, not long after I got to work, Greg started IMing me and, when I explained that my weekend is jam-packed and he explained that he was trying to organize a surprise weekend visit with me, he got angry. What it all comes down to is I was so angry at him that I was literally shaking at my desk. I went on Twitter and asked James to come online and talk to me because I just needed to talk to someone I actually enjoy talking to.

After a bit of ranting and raving to the ever patient James, I stopped shaking, I felt a bit better, and I was actually able to form a coherent thought. So James... you are the only reason my day ended up fine in the end. Huzzah!

After lunch, I got a chance to get to know one of my co-workers better and discovered she's quite a lot of fun to chat with. She called me over at one point later to help her with a piece of a project that was really just causing her a massive headache. Took about 20-30 minutes, but was a lot of fun, once we got it figured out.

From there, I got to check on my grandma's cats, pick up some food at Trader Joe's, and head to my mum's home. Laundry took place while I got my bath ready... and let me tell you... I now understand why people love bubble baths so very much! It was just like in a movie when you see the woman in the bath with bubbles so thick she might as well be fully clothed under all the white. Except it was me and it was real. I learned something important for my future bath adventures.... have a glass of cold water nearby!

So now I'm silky smooth, eating delicious vegetable lasagna from TJ's, typing up this silly account.

But oh! I can't believe I forgot to mention this sooner! Earlier today, my friend Chelsea and I were walking out to the coffee truck that parks outside our work building a few mornings each week. I accidentally caught a snail with my shoe and broke it's shell. It was still alive, so I put it among some foliage to hopefully recover. Within an hour of this, Felicia Day happened to post this to her Twitter: "Seeing lots of snails in LA lately. I know people hate them, especially gardeners, but I don’t. Fairies use them as mounts after all. :D"

My friend @replied to Felicia saying: "
I love snails (because they are mounts for fairies :)) but my friend accidentally broke one’s shell as we were getting coffee :(" And, once I saw this, I sent another @reply to Felicia explaining, "I would like to mention (as @[my friend]’s friend) that it was an accident and I moved it to safety so it could try and recover!"

Chelsea and I started giggling about it because it amused us. But the story doesn't end there! Apparently, Felicia got so many hilarious @replies that she wanted to post a number of them in her blog. Chelsea and I are among them and are some of the first mentioned! Absolutely hilarious!

"I guess having over 300,000 followers on Twitter can be a good and bad thing. The bad is I can’t possibly follow or know each and every person who follows me, but the good is that when I get so many insanely smart and wonderful responses to things I tweet. I would love to RT (ReTweet) them all and share them on my Twitter feed, but sometimes I get so many awesome responses I can’t give credit where credit is due. So I decided, based on a Twitter I did this morning, to share some of my favorites."
So... if you'd like to see this post, check it here. We're @caliclia and @WrockDinahSaur

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  1. James IS ridiculously patient, it's so true. Yay for friends who are awesome. Seriously.

    I'm super jealous of your bath AND lasagna!

    That's so cool about the Felicia Day tweeting thing.

    Have I told you lately that I miss you?