Monday, April 13, 2009

Funny Story Time, Kiddies!

After Cannibal was over on Saturday night, I was down in the performance area talking to friends of mine who just saw the show. Then some random guy walks up who looks almost vaguely familiar. He starts talking to me, excitedly proclaiming, "See? I did end up making it!" and other such phrases that made me think, "Do I know this guy and just forget who he is?" So I continue talking to him a bit asking how he liked the show, etc. And then he goes, "Your name is Dinah, right?" I laughed and said it was wondering how I was going to get out of the situation where I had no idea who this person was in the first place. At which point he says, "You probably don't remember my name, do you?" I explained that I am terrible at names and I'm sorry and blah, blah, blah... the usual.

It turns out, after a little more discussion, that I met him in the stairwell down to the U Bar one night when I was drunk (and don't remember meeting him) and I must have told him about Cannibal and apparently gave him a hug.

Yeah... good times... ?

My guess is it happened the night I went out with Janae, because no other night did I wander down there following enough Jager to make me at least a bit forgetful of the events ending the evening.

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