Monday, January 16, 2012

The Joy of Friends Falling in Love

Back in my high school years, I was a member of an online forum where I met some amazing and interesting people, two of whom have always stood out a little more than the rest (sorry, guys!). In addition to both of these individuals being considered close friends, what makes them so special to me is the courtship between them that I was able to witness from a separate continent entirely.

I used to have regular conversations via instant messenger with both Matthew and Esmee at different times. I remember once, within 24 hours of each other, I had a conversation with each in which they confided in me their feelings toward the other. Naturally, I wanted them to share with one another, which they ended up doing not long later. I got to hear about the first times they spoke on the phone, met in person, and when they got engaged. So these two have a special place in my heart after all of that!

Matthew and Esmee displaying the natural order.
Now here's the fun part... I mentioned being on separate continents earlier. Well, I live in California and they both live in England. So we're not exactly nearby! Despite this, I was close with Esmee and Matthew has been like my 9th brother. Hell, he calls me Sister and I call him Brother 90% of the time. It's just the way of our worlds.

In any case, when I went to study abroad in Scotland, I knew I had to take the opportunity to spend some quality time with Matthew and Esmee. So I flew into London, hopped on a train, and rode it straight to them! I met Matthew at the train station and he helped me with my extremely heavy luggage on our way to Esmee's. She was at work, so I got to meet her for the first time in a bookstore! It seemed fitting, that's for sure.

I spent my first few days in the UK relaxing and adjusting to the new time zone with two absolutely fantastic people. They shared my first ever English Tea and taught me how to properly eat scones with jam and clotted cream. We spent at day at a nearby castle/museum and enjoyed the hell out of each other's company.

Over all these years since their engagement, there was uncertainty as to the precise date of their actual wedding. Well, this past year, I received a very exciting message from Matthew informing me that a date had been set! Thankfully, it was a full year away from when he told me, so I knew I'd be able to financially make it work. Now it is nigh upon us in the next 6 months and I have my plane tickets and I couldn't be more excited to go! Next time, I'll give a run-down of my plans in that trip!
Me with Esmee enjoying a tasty cheese sandwich.


  1. I'm all choked up now! It's nice to be reminded of our confidences and things. This is why I so miss talking to you more! Luff you sister :)

    1. Aww.... Miss you too, Brother! I'm just glad that I get to be there this June. It's going to be AMAZING!!!

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  3. Awww, how sweet :) It's great that you will get to be there, and a trip to the UK is ALWAYS fun anyway!!

    (And I want scones and tea now)

    1. I have tea but no scones! I, too, am craving scones!