Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moving Life into Hi-Def

In the not too distant past, there was no point in using the words "Standard Definition" to describe the quality of pretty much all televisions and the shows and movies we had available to watch on them. It was just the norm for us. We didn't realize what kinds of details were missed until the (now typical) HD options came out.

Most people can remember the first time they watched an old favorite in HD and realized what a difference it made. Suddenly, the trees and bushes had defined leaves, the outlines of the characters' faces were clear cut.

Today, I experienced, for the second time in my life, a transition from Standard Def to HD - I got my first ever pair of glasses!

I really wasn't sure how much I needed them until I went to get my eyes checked a few weeks ago. I knew it would be useful when I was on long drives or while sitting in front of my computer at work all week long. As I was working with the doctor, I understood how wrong I was when he exclaimed, "I'm definitely picking up a prescription here!"

It took a couple of weeks to have the money to pay for the glasses, and another couple weeks for them to be made. I was able to pick them up today and, within 5 minutes of wearing them, I realized I could see each individual strand of carpet in the optometrist's office. When I moved them away, the carpet was a bit of a blur. The same thing happened as I was driving when I looked at some trees a little ways off.

I guess I just didn't know that I was living my life in Standard Def until I upgraded!


  1. I have glasses to wear behind the computer/at the movies/ballet etc but I don't wear unless I need them because I kinda prefer my blurry world view when I am doing day to day stuff like grocery shopping. It's weird I know, but I get too distracted with glasses!

  2. I know just what you mean, Celeste! It's all still new to me, so I'm keeping them on pretty much always for now, but I am finding myself more distracted than not. It's just that I had no idea things could be so clear at the edges! It's absolutely distracting. I may move into a similar mode as you describe once I'm more comfortable with both options. ;)

  3. I take mine off when I'm not doing something I need them for too. I get a headache if I leave them on too long.

    They look cute though! :)